Optic Fiber : Success Story – Lumen project part 3

300 Km of Fiber

Deliver of Dark Fiber :
The Lumen project experienced by our team members

Our team members share their experience of the Lumen project, which required the pulling of 300 km of CELESTE optic fiber between Lyon and St-Julien-en-Genevois. This project allowed us to extend our optic fiber network and to offer a new eligibility to businesses located in the Alp regions.

The dimensions of a cable pulling project of 300 km of fiber

The testimonials of our teams were done in 3 parts, in order to present you the different aspects of the Lumen project. In previous videos, we told you about the role of the teams within the CELESTE Fibre unit or the investments that were essential to deliver Dark Optical Fiber (FON) to our client. In this 3rd part, we explore the human dimension of this project throughout the testimony of our team members

« Challenge, Investment, Engagement, Interesting, Interaction »

Our teams have provided hard work to meet the specific needs of our customer Lumen. For some: An unprecedented scenario, for others a major challenge to be met in order to deliver dark fiber on time, despite the health crisis.

Discover their experience of the project :

Designer Jhensy Vally

« What i really liked about this project was the interaction with the client. It was a very rich experience. »

Jhensy Vally – Designer

« I did the project follow-up meeting with the client every Tuesday on a weekly basis. In terms of key figures, we spent quite some time on the project. For the project management, I personally spent about 350 hours. It was a project that allowed me to grow. We completed the project on time, we met the needs of the client by respecting the specifications that had been communicated to us despite the difficulties on site and despite the health crisis. We respected our commitments. »

Stéphane Brisset – Team leader for Major Works CELESTE Fibre

Stéphane Brisset - Team leader for Major Works CELESTE Fibre
Mohamed Charfeddine – Construction manager

« It was an interesting project because we had never had this scenario. Our customer wanted to have his own splicing box. We had to pull cables between the CELESTE splicing box and the Lumen splicing box. It was a great challenge and a very interesting project professionally and humanly. »

Mohamed Charfeddine – Construction manager