Success Story – Lumen Project Part 2

Success Story - Lumen - part 2


The investments needed for deployment of 300km of fiber in the Alps region

For this extraordinary project, a 144 FO was deployed – a cable with a capacity of 144 strands of optical fiber for the creation of our own infrastructure that allows us to extend CELESTE network.
To carry out this project, we have invested in stronger and more resistant equipment to cope with the weather and the peculiarities of this difficult region including frost and snow, as well as in more efficient fiber optic welders that allow deployment over long distances. In this second part, our team members share with you the insights of the extensive work behind this beautiful project.

Mohamed Charfeddine – Construction manager
Mohamed Charfeddine – Construction manager

“I was in charge of the construction part to create the link between Lyon and St-Julien-en-Genevois. I worked on the Grenoble section which represents the pulling of 130 km of fiber. We deployed our CELESTE fiber cable with 72 strands for our client Lumen and 72 strands for our own usage.”

Stéphane Brisset – Team leader for Major Works CELESTE Fibre

“We have deployed 144 optical fibers but have also created our own infrastructure allowing us to extend CELESTE network for the deployment of fiber in the future. We have construction managers, site managers with a drilling workshop which helped us to answer this demand for civil engineering. We have also invested in stronger, more resistant equipment to deal with this difficult region.”

Stéphane Brisset - Team leader for Major Works CELESTE Fibre
Cyril Cros - Director CELESTE Fibre