CELESTE endorser of the Diversity Charter

CELESTE joins the endorser of the Diversity Charter

CELESTE is now one of the 4,500 endorsers of the Diversity Charter. This approach is in line with the operator’s CSR commitment, which is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact. The Diversity Charter is a commitment text signed by companies wishing, through a proactive approach, to act in favor of diversity and thus go beyond the legal framework of the fight against discrimination.

« By signing the Diversity Charter, CELESTE is proud to affirm its commitment to act fairly in the fight against discrimination and its contribution to 3 Sustainable Development Goals. Also convinced that diversity is a guarantee of performance, CELESTE is committed to ensure the same working conditions and professional development to all its employees from the moment they are recruited and throughout their career », explains Nicolas Aubé, CELESTE’s founding president.

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Diversity Charter: CELESTE’s commitments

By signing the Diversity Charter, CELESTE undertakes to:

  • Raise awareness and train our executives and managers involved in recruitment, training and career management, and then gradually all employees, on the issues of non-discrimination and diversity.
  • To promote the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms in all acts of management and decision-making of the company or organization, and in particular in all stages of human resources management.
  • Promote the representation of the diversity of French society in all its differences and richness, the cultural, ethnic and social components, within the workforce and at all levels of responsibility.
  • Communicating our commitment to all our employees as well as to our customers, partners and suppliers, in order to encourage them to respect and implement these principles.
  • Make the development and implementation of the diversity policy a subject of social dialogue with employee representatives.
  • To regularly evaluate the progress made, to inform internally and externally of the practical results arising from the implementation of our commitments.

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CELESTE's actions to encourage diversity

In 2021, CELESTE joined the Elles bougent association in order to promote the careers of female engineers and technicians. This approach supports the operator's conviction that female talent is necessary for its development, and that female employees can help promote digital and telecommunications professions among young women.

Since 2022, CELESTE has been supported by Agefiph and the firm JLO in the deployment of a disability policy to go further in the recruitment and integration of disabled workers and in raising awareness among its employees.

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CELESTE is a telecom operator for businesses in France, specialised in optical fiber and innovative and eco-friendly network solutions. Created in 2001, the company provides Internet Access, sites interconnexion and telephony services to SMEs, large firms as well as public institutions. The telecom operator serves more than 20 000 clients’ sites. CELESTE has ownership of its national network of more than 12 000 km of optical fiber deployed in France and provides data hosting and cloud solutions within its datacenters Marilyn and Fil d’Ariane. The telecom operator is also present in Switzerland through its subsidiary company VTX Telecom.

More information: www.celeste.fr

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