VPN Pro : Why is it essential in an enterprise?


Business VPN solutions : How is it useful for professionals ?

The VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to create a secured and encrypted Internet connection for online data exchanges. In business, a VPN Pro ensures control over your incoming and outgoing data, excluding people outside your network through protocols including authentication. Thus, this tool allows you to prevent the leakage of confidential and strategic information from your network. Moreover, this solution is particularly used by companies operating in multiple locations or to enable employees working remotely to access internal applications. According to a study by statista.fr, in 2021, 19% of companies in France have set up a professional VPN connection for their corporate network.

VPN for business : How is my corporate data protected?

Benefit from a secure online browsing during your professional operations with the use of a VPN. How does it work? ?


Vulnerability of your data outside VPN

When you browse online, your data is exposed. When you enter a domain name for example, your IP address and other information are transmitted to a server that converts this data. Therefore, during this exchange your data is not secure and can be targeted by hackers likely to steal them or transmit a virus.


Business VPN for a secure and anonymous browsing

By using a professional VPN (Virtual Private Network), your data is protected by a virtual encrypted network. While browsing, the data exchanged between your Internet-connected device (computer, smartphone, tablet) and your browsing destinations (website and other applications) are isolated. As your data are encrypted during these exchanges, it makes them unusable by potential hackers.

Your VPN acts as an intermediary with the server and thus masks your IP address. It also allows you to change your geolocation according to your needs. Thus, your data remains anonymous and unknown by the servers.

Different types of VPN Pro depending on your business needs

There are different types of VPN Pro that meet the operational needs of companies. A telecom operator such as CELESTE, can also assist you in the deployment of your VPN solution.

Business VPN solutions by CELESTE

VPN Ethernet

The Ethernet VPN solution is preferred by companies wishing to deploy a main computer network at one or more of their sites. These companies then have their own Ethernet network. This infrastructure allows the administrators to independently manage the routing and security of th