Modular datacenter : Reasons to choose Modulo Box


Choosing a Modular Datacenter for your businesss data

As part of their operations, companies are producing and managing more and more data. With the challenges of cyber security and privacy, choosing an adequate hosting solution for this critical data is therefore essential. Different hosting solutions are offered by operators to meet their needs, including the use of servers in Datacenters and the Cloud. However, some companies are looking for autonomy for the storage and management of their data. Modular datacenter hosting, through the Modulo Box solution , for instance, could be the ideal solution to meet their needs.

Modular Datacenter : How to use a Modulo Box ?

The Modulo Box offer is available for IT room or modular datacenter uses for on-site data hosting.Composed of custom-assembled insulated panels, the Modulo Boxes adapt to the spaces available indoors or outdoors

As a business, this hosting solution allows you to :

  • Have a Datacenter ready to use , anywhere
  • Free yourself of compliance works for your computer room
  • Move your stored data whenever you want
Modulo Box

You can thus benefit from a dedicated and sovereign space, ideal for PRA (Disaster
Recovery Plan) and PCA (Business Continuity Plan). This solution can also suit your specific event needs because it
can be easily moved by truck or semi-trailer.


Modular Datacenter : Modulo Box, a tailor-made and turnkey solution
The real added value of the Modulo offer is that it takes into account the needs of companies from its conception:

Customisable infrastructure

Your Modulo Box is custom-made to meet your needs in terms of space and accommodation
capacity. It is sized to match the interior or exterior space of your site. You have the choice between 3 ranges for
a dozen models of Modulo Box, ranging from 3 to 24 computer bays.


Because business needs are scalable, the Modulo Box allows you to increase your hosting
capacity. The Modulo Boxes are interconnectable, so you can add a new module to your existing module, using the
resources of another Modulo Box (batteries, inverters and air conditioning).

Resources and cost optimisation

The Modulo Box by its design,